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            About us+MORE

                  Welcome to Shantou Toplas Plastic Products Co.,Ltd!

                  Shantou Toplas Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of disposable plastic packing containers.We supply PP,PS,PET,BOPS thermoforming cups,bowls,boxes and trays, forks, spoon and knife and make the products customized for the clients...

            Contact us+MORE

            Add: Toplas Industrial Building, Anjie Road,

            Jinping District, Shantou,China.

            Tel: +86-130 6897 8571(Jeff)

            +86-135 3124 1433 (Bellis)


            Fax: +86-754-88663000

            Email: sales@top-plas.com

            Skype:vivien80231    QQ:點擊這里給我發消息



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